Farming since 1898

Proud to be celebrating our 125th Anniversary in 2023, Bruce Farms is a fourth-generation family farm based in Perthshire, Scotland. This beautifully lush region is famous for its rich fields, providing the perfect growing conditions for our delicious produce.

Looking to diversify our fruit and veg offering and extend its year-round appeal, in 2016 we invested in freeze-drying technology. Freeze-drying is an excellent way of naturally preserving fruit and vegetables without additives or preservatives.

To do this, we freeze our fruit and vegetables in a technical process called ‘sublimation’ (more commonly known as freeze-drying) which removes all the moisture. Although light in weight, freeze-dried produce remains full in flavour and colour, and retains almost the same nutritional properties as fresh.

We first created the Podberry brand in 2019 to showcase our incredible freeze-dried peas, creating a range of seasoned Pea Snacks. We have since developed our range to include ‘naked’ freeze-dried berries, broad beans and peas. We’re always exploring new and innovative ways to create delicious products for individual, contract and wholesale customers alike.

A Versatile Choice

Our freeze-dried fruit & vegetables are incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed a number of ways, including:

  • An ingredient and garnish for home baking
  • Added to breakfast cereals such as granola or muesli mixes
  • As a healthy snack, straight from the packet
  • Colourful garnishes for drinks and cocktails
  • Blended into drinks and smoothies
  • Added to soups and salads as healthy and nutritious toppers