Full Flavoured Freeze-Dried Fruit!

Scotland is renowned for having some of the best soft fruit in the world. Our temperate climate and long summer nights give us the perfect conditions for growing a variety of incredibly tasty berries. Here at Podberry, we began freeze-drying our farm’s delicious raspberries & strawberries so that they could be enjoyed all year round.

Responding to customer demand, we have recently diversified our fruit offering by sourcing fruit from other partner growers, and now offer freeze-dried Scottish blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrants and honeyberries. Always looking at ways to innovate, we’re now working on sourcing other fruits including traditional British favourites such as apple, sour cherry, alongside citrus and exotics.

Ideal for use in baking and smoothies, cereal and more, our range of freeze-dried fruit delivers all the flavour and colour appeal of fresh.

We currently stock the following freeze-dried fruit:

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