Contract Freeze-Drying

Our freeze-drying facility is based at Bruce Farms where produce can be freeze-dried and bulk packed.

Our Facilities:

  • BRCGS grade AA accreditation
  • Freezing Storage
  • Freeze Dryer
  • Packaging and Packing Area

We can develop recipes for your product and extend shelf life through freeze-drying without using any additives or preservatives, and without damaging the product. Currently we do not handle any allergens on site and so we are not able to freeze dry any allergens at the moment.

“Scottish Honeyberry Growers have been using Podberry to freeze dry our honeyberries for over two years and have been delighted with the service and quality we have received. They’re a great team to deal with, fitting us in quickly and going above and beyond to meet our needs. We are seriously impressed by the quality and uniformity of the end product produced each time, something which our customers notice, and we value immensely! In what we know is a tricky process to master, your technical team are doing an excellent job!”
Finlay Hay, Hay Farms / Scottish Honeyberries Growers Cooperative

For more information on contract freeze-drying, drop us a line at